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Mastering the Analysis and Implementation of KYC and AML Regulations

Financial Crime Compliance and Regulatory Compliance are probably at the top of nearly every Financial Institution’s risk review process and have become the key strategic imperatives for all board members. The reputational damage and not to mention the fines imposed for non-compliance are huge concerns.

It is fair to say that banks are being micro-managed by regulators in this area and are being set exceptionally high standards for compliance. Financial institutions are required to focus increasingly on Financial Crime Prevention measures and must have robust systems in place to combat them.


This AML & KYC course has been designed to deliver best practice guidelines for any analyst who intends to work within this space by drawing on the cutting-edge experience of what the world’s leading financial institutions are doing, have done and must still do. It covers the minimum requirements, the ideal requirements and considers the impact of imminent legislative and best practice changes.

Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti Money Laundering (AML) Analysis - Gold Track

  • This training is designed for analysts, subject matter experts, projects managers, job seekers, and anyone seeking a practical competency in AML/KYC/CDD Analysts roles and techniques.

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