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Become A Competent Environmental Impact Analyst

Implementing a major project can have a significant impact on the environment and people, in affected communities, and to minimise any potential adverse effects, the planning authority usually requires a developer to submit an environmental statement (ES) as part of the planning application. It is a requirement for proponents of major projects to submit an environmental statement (ES) as part of the planning application. The ES presents detailed information on the likely adverse effects and benefits of the proposal on the environment and project communities.


Increasingly, individuals who have the knowledge and skills to conduct environmental assessments and prepare environmental statements are much demand than ever before.


Join our EIA training, designed to enable participants gain the knowledge and skills they need to find new roles in environmental consultancy sector, which is witnessing a surge in recent years. This 3-day training takes a mixed approach of interactive workshop, and hands-on review of relevant projects. It engages participants in an interactive way that delivers the gold standard in environmental impact assessments

Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment

  • This training is designed for anyone keen to start a career in Environmental and Sustainability Management and is keen on getting a better understanding of Environmental Impact Assessment skills, techniques, and methodologies. 

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