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Since the early days of man, there has been need to secure things that are valuable (homes, vehicles, land, sea, water, etc) to us. No doubt information cum data has become increasingly valuable in this digital age. It is now easy for hackers and malicious actors to circumvent the security of information and data. Organisations are finding it difficult to protect the security of information/data and to keep pace with the compliance landscape from governmental agencies and regulatory bodies. 


Any organisation that experiences the data breach suffers significant negative consequences such as but not limited to: loss of customers trust, loss of regulators trust, reputational loss, financial losses, fines, etc.

In order to prevent these negative occurrences, and prevent hackers from attacking your organisation, there is an ever compelling need to hire Cyber security professionals that will implement the right security controls that will mitigate cyber threats.


Cyber Security professionals are often required to acquire recognized industry professional certifications to demonstrate and validate their competencies. The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is the gold standard and leading industry vendor neutral certification. This course will cover the 8 CISSP domains for 40 hours over 5 weekends and provide extensive exam passing tips and will go a long way in reducing the study time and increase the chances of attendees passing the CISSP exam.

Unofficial CISSP Exam Revision Course

  • The course is ideal for anyone that desires to broaden and deepen their knowledge in Cyber Security/Information Security, and/or preparing for the ISC2 CISSP certifications.

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